The course helped me cultivate the habit of reading and also helped me improve my speaking skills. I have become more confident in making power point presentations and delivering them.
  Siddhant Goyle  
  Age 20  
  Engineering Student, NMIMS  
The course helped me a lot and I will never forget this ever. Thanks.
  Aryan Wadwani  
  Age 14  
  Student of MISB, Thailand  
I felt very good coming to you. I met a new person, ME . You gave me confidence as well as those thoughts about myself which I never knew. You gave me a lot of knowledge. I think you can change my mom and her thoughts about me and the world. Maam, thank you for this course. Thank you very much.
  Sarthak Agarwal  
  Age 17  
Dearest Paramita, Your efforts towards my child are non-measurable. Now he can battle his way through the teenage.
  Rinku Kejriwal  
  Mother of Arjun Kejriwal  
  Age 13  
  Student, Dhirubhai Ambani School  
Maam, this course helped me to understand life much better. Thank you.
  Age 24  
  Engineer, Working at J.P. Morgan  
I am more confident in English now.
The sessions are helping me to communicate effectively.
I have built a thought process which is helping me to communicate better.
After the completion of the course, I can definitely reach new heights in writing.
This course has helped and helping me a lot in organising my work.
My boss has given a compliment on the way I speak now, the way I think and put my words and thoughts forward. All because of this course.
  Amit Kumar Yadav  
  Age 31 years  
  Web Designer, Lupin  
  Football Counter, Amitís own endeavour for all football lovers  
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